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 Competition Team Code Of Conduct 







Welcome to the 2021/2022 En Pointe Dance Company’s Competition Team. For the dancer who loves to perform, our competition program provides an opportunity to learn, grow, perform and compete. Team activities include competing in dance competitions and performing at other venues during the year.


 A competition team requires a higher level of commitment from both the dancer and the dancer’s family than the average dance class. This contract has been put together to outline what is expected of the competitive dancer and their family. The following are policies necessary for a smooth and successful year. 


It is of the utmost importance that each dancer and guardian read and understand the agreement before deciding to participate on an En Pointe Dance Company Competition team.


Please make all family members aware of our policies to avoid conflicts during the year. This includes anyone who may drive the dancer to and from practices/performances, pay for tuition/fees or attend performance events. 


Once you decide to participate, you will be expected to abide by the following rules for the remainder of the 2021-2022 dance year. 


















Below you will find our Competition Team Family Commitment. Please take the time to carefully read the following information before committing to a team. Contact Lauren at 704-617-0803 or lr.enpointedance@gmail.com for more information about our competition team.  



Competition team members are committed to a full dance year when they sign on to be a competition team member. This includes nationals and national practices which are held during the summer. Quitting mid-year is detrimental to everyone on the team, so please consider this carefully before committing to the contract. 



Competition team dancers are representing En Pointe Dance Company and may not take classes, perform or compete for any other studio, competition team, or dance company for the 2021-2022 dance season.




The most important issue for team members is attendance. We understand that things do happen – a dancer gets hurt, there is a family emergency, etc. A family emergency is not a birthday party or an outing to the zoo. 


3A: Class Attendance 

If you are not at a team practice, the whole team suffers. If you miss a team practice, you are not improving your skills, and you will fall behind the other dancers on the team. If you miss a team practice, you are not learning the routine, partnering, formations, synchronization, and all other components of the routine. Dances can only be properly rehearsed with all dancers present.


Dancers are allowed to miss a team practice for the following: illness, school events, religious holiday/event, and injury. Any other reason for missing class is unacceptable. Where illness or injury is the reason, please consider watching the rehearsal if possible.


All of the efforts for success will go in during studio time. If dancers don’t practice the way they’re going to perform they will not have a good performance on stage. If you can’t do it in the studio you can’t do it on the stage.


3B: Performance Attendance 

Attendance is mandatory at all competitions and team performances.



The commitment to competition teams means attending all scheduled competitions and performances. If you are involved with other programs that require specific time commitments, please inform the director before signing and returning your team contract to determine if your other commitments will conflict with our performance schedule.



All students must make up missed technique classes (ballet, tap, jazz & tumbling).  Dancers will have 2 weeks to make up the missed class. Any student who does not make a conscious effort in making up classes, or is absent regularly, will be excused from the team without a refund. If our director feels a dancer is falling behind due to missing classes and rehearsals the dancer may be asked to schedule a private lesson to catch up. 

Note - 30 minute private lesson $30.00

           60 minutes private lesson $60.00








Check back soon for our 2022-2023 class requirements! 



 5. COST 

Please know that competition dance is an expensive sport! Below is a list of things you will be responsible for paying. This list includes but is not limited to;





Warm-Up Suit



Entry Fees

Monthly Tuition

Choreography Fees

Prop Fees - not all dances will have props

Hotel Stays- not all competitions require hotel stays



If your child misses any practices or events held this year, we will not refund or credit your account. 


If any events are canceled this year, the studio isn’t responsible for refunds unless provided by the event vendor. 


Each dance competition has entry fees for each dance. Group dances (dances with 4 or more dancers) cost less than solos, duets, and trios.


If your dancer wishes to perform a solo, duet or trio please contact Ms. Lauren to reserve a private rehearsal time. The cost for these rehearsals is $30 for 30 minutes or $60 for 1 hour. For duets and trios divide the cost per rehearsals by the number of dancers and multiply by 4 to calculate monthly tuition. 



Each competition dance will require a unique costume. Competition jewelry is an additional cost.


Costuming is a part of the group score and deductions will be made if dancers perform with missing pieces or ill-fitting costumes.  Points are deducted for messy hair or hairstyles that fall out of place.


Each competition member is required to purchase an En Pointe Dance Company warm-up suit to wear to each competition for warm-ups and on stage for awards. 


Each dancer will be required to purchase the same makeup and style their makeup the same. Makeup will be ordered through Ms. Lauren. You must purchase your false eyelashes. Below is a sample list of the makeup that may be required. Please note that colors will be determined at a later date.


Foundation- skin toned


Eye Shadow


Lip Liner

Eye Liner

Mascara - Black

False Eye Lashes- style TBD



Most regional competitions will be 1-3 hours away. National competitions are a bit further away and require a hotel stay.


Competitions will begin in the spring and run through the summer. The number of regional competitions is to be determined. 



The schedule for dance competitions is normally released the week of the competition. This means I will not know a call time for your dancer until the week of the competition. For this reason please plan to be available for the entire weekend of the competition. 


Before awards, 1 dancer will be selected to receive the award for the team. In each competition, a different dancer will be selected to receive the award. This dancer is responsible for bringing all awards back to the studio the following week. The trophy will remain at the studio for all of us to enjoy and individual awards will be passed out at the end of class. Soloists are allowed to keep their trophy.


Not all competitions use the same scoring systems. For example, one competition's highest award might be platinum, and one might be crystal.


During competition weekends please interact with other team members.  Depending on the dancer’s call times for the weekend we may plan a team dinner or team outing. These events aren’t mandatory but help build team spirit and are so much fun!  














 All members must be respectful to competitors and show sportsmanship.


Do not speak with the judges at a competition.


Members must be courteous and respectful to teammates and dance parents. Ill behavior towards team members or dance parents will not be tolerated. 

Cyberbullying and bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Disrespect to instructors and dance parents will not be tolerated. Any negativity towards anyone will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal. 


Staff at En Pointe Dance Company have the right to speak to dancers and dance parents to help maintain proper behavior. Remember you are representing En Pointe Dance Company and will follow all studio rules.


Parents, please make sure your dancer is not running around the competition venue. Please know where your dancer is at all times.



Our goal is to keep you informed using all of the above. We need you to do your part by reading our emails since that is our primary form of keeping you updated. Please give us your primary email address. I will only send emails when needed. 


Please only send text messages when a short and quick answer from a staff member will suffice. Please try to refrain from texting any staff member after hours unless it is a competition weekend or an emergency. 




It is understood that En Pointe Dance Company reserves the right to use any photography and/or videotaping of students’ performances for purposes of advertising, publicizing, and promoting the studio. 





Be respectful of others- In the studio. Outside the studio. At competitions. Wherever. Say please and thank you to your teachers, staff at competitions, etc. Hold the door. Be quiet backstage. Don’t enter and exit a theatre during a dance. Don’t talk during anyone’s performance. You represent not only En Pointe Dance Company but also yourself, your parents, and your dancers. Have good manners, and be respectful. 


Don’t direct your teammates - In rehearsals, sometimes it’s tempting to tell the person next to you that they’re turning the wrong way, on the wrong foot, off the counts, etc. As teachers, that’s our job. Chances are-we noticed. No matter how helpful you’re being, it undermines the team spirit to take corrections from another dancer.


Speak kindly to your teammates!


Ask your teachers and teammates for help if you need it.


Clean up after yourself- We love that the studio feels like home to so many of you! But remember that it’s home to lots of other kids as well.


Be prepared for classes, competitions, and performances. Be early. Have your hair and makeup done. Stretch and warm-up. Be ready to work. Be a role model! - Demonstrate good teamwork and good behavior on and off the dance floor 


Use clean and appropriate language at all times. Don’t gossip. Don’t be mean. Don’t be judgmental. 




Please be aware that anything you share on social media is not private. Use clean language and do not post anything inappropriate. If you post team pictures, make sure everyone is included/tagged. Don’t leave people out/crop people out of pictures, etc. 


Please remember that a lot of communication is lost when the person you are talking to cannot hear your voice and read your body language. Being sarcastic via text message sometimes comes across as being mean. Think about what you write, and how it might be received. 


When you wear En Pointe Dance Company apparel you represent our studio and our values. Please make sure you are behaving appropriately if you are in public or if you are posting on social media.  If a staff member sees anything that concerns them they have the right to speak with you. They also have the right to ask you to take down a social media post that affects the studio. Remember that your behavior reflects our studio, and if it is not acceptable, you will be removed from the team. 





We have high standards for our competition team members and their families! We believe that together we can do amazing things! We have zero tolerance for any behavior such as bullying, excluding other team members, inappropriate language or conduct, or unsportsmanlike and unsupportive behavior. Such behaviors will be dealt with immediately and you may be removed from the team immediately without warning depending on the severity of the offense. No refunds will be given.


We know a full-year commitment may seem lengthy but it is necessary. If you decide to quit the team mid-season for any reason no refunds will be given. You are still required to pay for all costumes already purchased by En Pointe Dance Company. 


Please work together to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible on your team! Competition dance will provide you with the opportunity to learn, grow, perform, and make life-long friends!

Weekend Rehearsals 

Please be available all weekend 

Sunday rehearsals will not interfere with morning church services! 

Times TBA


There will be more weekend rehearsals closer to the time of competition season. These dates are subject to change if there is a competition on the weekend of the rehearsal. More dates will be added if needed. 



Tentative Weekend Rehearsals for 2022/2023

September 9th, 10th

October 14th, 15th &16th

November 11th, 12th &13th

December 9th, 10th & 11th

January 6th, 7th & 8th

February 4th, 5th & 6th

Tentative Regional Competition Dates 

2023 Season 


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